Here are the songs we strum along too.

The songs are located in a Here in a folder on Google Drive

NOTE:  You do not need a Google account to get to the songs.  It is better if you do have a Google account, then you can add the folder to your Google Drive, and that way, stay up to date with our latest versions. Plus you will be able to bulk down load all the files too, for offline viewing.   If you use a tablet, then you need to make the files available ‘offline’.  How you do this will vary from Android, to Windows to Ipad, so just Google for the answer.  It’s best to download the Google Drive app from your app store.



  1. Hi,
    I wasn’t able to get to the songs via the link, and in asking others for help last night I realised they couldn’t either. Being one of the elder players would it be possible to devise something to suit us.
    Twunt is great and I thoroughly enjoyed myself again last night.

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