TWUNT Busking for Children In Need – UPDATE

We went ‘Posh Busking’ for Children in Need

What’s ‘Posh Busking’??  It’s playing the Pantiles Bandstand in Royal Tunbridge Wells!  Although we were busking for Children in Need, as oppose to our bar bill 😉

Days before the event, we were asked if we’d pop down to Radio Kent and promote our fundraising event.  Very excitedly, six TWUNTs crowded into the studio, during Pat Marsh’s Saturday Breakfast show.  If you missed it – here’s a clip

On air, we chatted about “why the ukulele” and “who did this all come about”.  Then we played Delilah.  It was great fun, and a first for TWUNT, playing live radio.

At 2pm we were all set to go.  Instead of the usual set, we chose to let the audience choose that we played with a donation, or leave it to luck with a spin of our new toy, The Wheel of TWUNT Tune.

We played for 2hours, before the light started to fade and thanks to the audience’s generosity, we raised a respectable £310.

Many thanks to all who came along to play, support and donate.

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