TWUNT to play CarFest South

CARFEST-SOUTHYippee!  We are very pleased to announce that we are playing Chris Evans’ Car Fest South!.

Hearing Chris mention us on his show generated all sorts of excited tweeting and emailing between band members.

Part of the Sunday line up we’re really looking forward to strumming and belting out some of our all time favourites.  Who knows, Chris himself might join us for a strum – we always take a spare uke!


  1. TWUNT – You really rocked at Carfest. It was a great gig. Well done! And a special big Hi Five to the little dude! How cool are you?

  2. Saw you at Carfest today. Brilliant! You were the top of the bill for us! Great fun & lots of really great comments about you. Well done!!!!

  3. Or Johnny Cash! Oh, wait.

  4. I wonder if Tom Jones is going? We could duet with Delilah 😉

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