Two Gigs in one night!

Friday the 14th October 2011, the Tunbridge Wells Ukulele Night Thing volunteered our services and played two gigs! Yes, two, very different, gigs in one night in Tunbridge Wells.  St John’s School and The Spa. Read on for photos and video!

First off, it was St John’s School for the Parents Association Disco. We were on at 7pm, midway through the disco. The house lights came up and no sooner had we sat down, a rush of kids, including mine, followed by parents, swamped us.  The acoustics and general background noise meant we had to really belt it out. We could have done with some PA equipment. Still they all enjoyed it all the same, as did we.

Following a stop at the pub, we made our way to our next gig at the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells.  This gig was at a charity dinner in aid of The Pickering Cancer Drop-In Centre, Tunbridge Wells. The evening was a Blues Brothers night with a tribute band. We were a surprise interlude, playing again, a half hour set.  Suitably warmed up from the first gig, the walk, and the pub, we played to an extremely receptive and, at times, participative audience. We all had a great time, before celebrating at a pub on the way home.


  1. I agree with Mrs K. Look how shiny and clean everyone looks! Can’t wait for the Christmas outfits. Lots of Santa’s, Elves and Reindeer?

  2. Great video

  3. Don’t you all scrub up well !

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