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NOTE! We are no longer maintaining separate songbooks – instead we have one list on our SONGS PAGE

It is, what it is 😉

For those who forget which song is in which book.

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Thanks to Alan Sharpe


  1. very comprehensive set of songbooks

  2. Should l bring my uke to carfest tomorrow? Will there be a strumalong?

    Looking forward to seeing you.


  3. Hi Folks,

    You have a great web site and by the looks of things a really great club meeting location! Wish that I was back in the UK as we do not have any local clubs in my area. However, I do keep in touch with Vancouver Uke Circle folks and view their site from time to time, they are about 4 1/2 hours away, so they are difficult to get to and it is such a crowded city, we don’t get there too often.
    They have a great songbook also, and as you can imagine, after 11 years or so in operation, it is very good. They are on the web and they also allow copies to me taken down for personal use. You should check it out if you have not already.

    I have down loaded your Song books and will spend some time during the evenings strumming up a storm at home as I progress through them. I must admit, some of the songs are new to me and I shall have to go on the web to figure out how they are supposed to be played and sung.

    Keep up the good work and “happy strumming”.



  4. Good Luck To You All.

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